The Background of Wing’s Catering
Wing’s Catering was founded by Mr. Hung Hin Wing (Wing Gor). During 90’s, Wing started running a restaurant, selling convenient and hygienic steamed rice in Hong Kong style. After the financial turmoil, he invented a kind of grilled chicken steak with unique taste. His father was deeply impressed by this newly invented grilled chicken chop after trying it. Therefore, Wing’s father, who has a great interest in Chinese calligraphy, wrote a calligraphy plaque meaning “Extraordinary Wing's Chicken Steak” for Wing as a kind of encouragement. In 2004, his restaurant was renamed as “Wing’s Catering”. Chain business has been started since 2008. Until now, there are 7 chain stores set up in Kowloon, the New Territories, Hong Kong Island and Macau.
Be patient, chicken chops are always freshly grilled
Every day during rush hour, there are always long queue outside the stores of Wing’s Catering. We are sorry to keep our fans waiting outside the stores. In order to provide the juiciest and fresh chicken chop for our customers, we insist to grill the chicken chop right after customers make their orders. As to maintain our food quality, all of our food resources are freshly delivered from different large suppliers every day. We are introducing more food choices for our customers, including Wing’s pork chop, Wing's fried prawn, fried lotus root with octopus and chicken meat. We would like to cater to the general customers’ tastes.
Wing’s style chicken chops
Wing’s style chicken chops are not sauced with either black pepper or teriyaki sauce. As it was invented by Wing, the dish was simply named as Wing’s style. The key of cooking the signature grilled chicken steak is to remove tendon and cut the chop into incredibly thin slices, so that both sides of the chop can reach the surface of electric grooved griddle. This kind of griddle can not only let exceeded chicken oil flow away through those grooves, but also reduce cooking time. The chicken steak would not be too greasy. Its juice is kept and its skin becomes crispy. Lastly, the secret sauce invented by Wing is added, so that the Wing’s style chicken steak provides sweet and unforgettable taste.